If your home has been damaged in some type of natural disaster or accident, you’re probably grateful that you have home insurance. The insurance claim process can be quite tolling and confusing. Having a public adjuster to assist you with the process and understand how it works can really help. Fortunately, We can assist you and won’t charge you any fees unless your claim is successful.


Being prepared for a loss is the initial step in the claims process you will begin after you’ve suffered a loss. This involves having your entire policy somewhere safe. You should include thorough documentation of the intact state of your home before anything happens.


The basic steps of an insurance claim process are:

  • Damage control
  • Retaining a public adjuster
  • Filing your claim
  • Property inspection
  • Waiting for payment
  • Initial payment/denial letter

    No matter the amount of damage you have suffered, United Claims Adjusters and Staff are here to help.